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VMware is transforming the world of enterprise applications, combining decades of enterprise expertise with cloud native principles and the incredible innovation from the Kubernetes community.

3d百十位和尾走势图 Re-watch this streamed event to learn how VMware can make your developers more productive while simplifying operations across a diverse multi-cloud world.

  • Discover VMware Tanzu, an entirely new portfolio from VMware, delivering and managing modern apps to any cloud.
  • Explore VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0, the platform that defined the hybrid cloud, reinvented for modern apps, rearchitected for the cloud.


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Planting Trees for the Future

climate change is a global challenge bigger than any single company or country. to mark the launch of vmware tanzu, which means “branch” in swahili, and contribute to critical reforestation efforts in australia, we’re planting up to 50,000 trees. click “donate today” if you’re inspired to contribute additional support.

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